Welcome to Sonshine Gardens Daycare & Preschool (old)


Christian infant, toddler & pre-kindergarten child care center Serving Sparks and Reno Nevada

 Teach your children to choose the right path, and when they are older, they will remain upon it.  Proverbs 22:6 NLT

Sonshine Gardens Daycare & Preschool is a quality affordable child care learning center committed to providing a safe, faith based family environment where we will help your child grow in 5-key interconnected areas of  child development.

  1. Physical child development:  Through physically stimulating games and creative activities. 
  2. Intellectual child development: Through activities and exercises relating to the physical growth of the brain. 
  3. Social development: Through helping your child to gain the knowledge and skills of communication needed to interact successfully with others. 
  4. Emotional development: Healthy emotional development lays the foundation for academic performance, mental health, and healthy relationships. Children have the capacity to regulate and understand their emotions and behavior and to manage successful, appropriate forms of expression and interactions with others. 
  5. Moral/Spiritual development: the growing understanding of right and wrong (conscience) and laying a Christian spiritual foundation in teaching and training our children about God and His love for us, while establishing God’s Word as the spiritual foundation and Jesus as the cornerstone to the building blocks of life.

We consider ourselves your child’s extended family, planting the Word and seed of Christian faith, nurturing with Love, watering with Truth, and preparing your child for Kindergarten and their lives ahead. Our children are our inheritance and our future and we have a God ordained obligation to teach them well. At Sonshine Gardens, your child will experience love, significance and a true sense of belonging.   Our gifted staff of childcare providers and teachers will love on your child from the moment they enter the doors and keep them in their care until you pick them up each evening.  There is nothing more important than the healthy balanced development of your child.  Sonshine Gardens offers an alternative to the National chain childcare centers with smaller classes for more one-on-one interaction and supervision while offering fun and learning in a Christian environment at an affordable price that includes nutritional meals from our full service kitchen..

Sonshine Gardens Daycare & Preschool is truly a great place to grow.