Alice Kunselman: Sonshine Gardens Daycare & Preschool Director

Alice KunselmanAlice Kunselman is our awesome Director and Preschool Teacher at Sonshine Gardens and has been since August of 2013. Alice has a long career in child education and has recently graduated from another college class to further her career as well as strengthen the education of the children in the preschool. Her expertise is helpful on a daily basis as she mentors the other teachers and caregivers at Sonshine Gardens. Alice is a pillar of strength and her wisdom is beyond priceless. Alice is also a member at University Family Fellowship for over 20 years and is also on the worship team playing her flute. She has a sweet song in her heart.


Esmeralda Ayala: Morning 2-year Old Teacher

Esmeralda Ayala is our current morning nursery caregiver but she will be moving into the position of lead teacher for the 2 year olds. This is an exciting endeavor for Esmeralda as a couple of the current toddlers will be moving into the 2 year old class with her. That familiarity should prove to be a great transition for the toddlers as well as Esmeralda.

Paula Bentley: Morning 3-year Old Teacher

Paula has recently joined the Sonshine Gardens team but is a long-time friend and wonderful person. Her pleasant disposition is a wonderful gift to the children. We are so blessed to have her wisdom in the daycare.

Megan Duran: Afternoon Nursery Teacher

Megan Duran is a college student majoring in psychology. In addition to her full-time class schedule, she finds time to give her best in the nursery at Sonshine Gardens Daycare & Preschool. Megan has been with us for over a year now and is absolutely fabulous with the babies. Megan takes time every day to work with the toddlers on their numbers and colors. Her infectious smile makes her a huge asset at Sonshine Gardens.

Gricell Grajeda

Gricell, aka GG has joined us as the afternoon 2-year old caregiver. As a mother of a 2-year old son, she understands their needs. She’s only been here a short time and the children are already learning so much in the afternoons. Welcome Ms. GG to Sonshine Gardens.

Shauna Hovanec: Part-time Preschool Aide

Shauna has been helping our Director with the preschool children in between taking classes for nursing. As a mother of an upcoming preschooler, she is a great asset to Sonshine Gardens.

Stephanie Manriques:

Stephanie has recently joined Sonshine Gardens as a teacher’s aide in the 3-year old class and is also helping in the nursery. As a mother of an active 2-year old son, Stephanie uses her organization skills to help the children grow.

Nelly Munoz: Afternoon Nursery Caregiver

Nelly MunozAs a mother and grandmother, Nelly understands the value of nurturing and caring for our infants. They all clung to her the moment they met her. Her gentleness, kindness and loving nature adds great value to Sonshine Gardens Daycare & Preschool.


Brenda Perryman: Afternoon Nursery Caregiver

Brenda works for the Washoe County School District in the office and substitutes here at Sonshine Gardens in the nursery during her school breaks. She is filled with joy that pours over to the infants in our nursery.

Gloria Ruiz: Nursery Substitute Teacher

Gloria Ruiz is a member of our Church here at University Family Fellowship and has recently taken the position as our lunch supervisor. Gloria is a wife and mother, grand-mother and great-mother which gives her lots of experience with children. Gloria prepares the morning and afternoon snacks for all the classes as well as their daily lunch. Whenever opportunities arise, Gloria will be working with the children to prepare fun meals, learn table manners and she has already taught them to pick up after themselves. We are blessed to provide this service at Sonshine Gardens.

Pastor Dan Sipma

Pastor Dan Sipma just loves having the daycare and preschool here at the Church. In previous years, Excel Christian School’s elementary school was located here at University Family Fellowship. When they were blessed to move into their new facility on Baring Boulevard, Pastor Dan had a meeting with the board of Elders and they all agreed that it would be great for the community to open a daycare and preschool. Pastor Dan is the first one there every morning to open up and the last one there every night to close down. A lot of the children call him “Pastor Dan” but his favorite is being called “Grandpa”.

Karen Sipma

Karen Sipma works outside of the daycare as a commercial lines insurance agent and also works as the administrator for the daycare. The daycare is always an exciting part of her day going in early and staying late as well. She only gets about an hour and a half every day with the children for now but it is a rewarding part of her day. We never wanted to be babysitters but extended family members for all those enrolled at Sonshine Gardens Daycare & Preschool.




________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   Are you looking for a part-time career in childcare?  Please call our office at (775) 359-2222.  You must be at least 18 years of age to apply, pass a background check and take the necessary State required courses to comply with childcare regulations.  If you love to teach children, Sonshine Gardens Daycare & Preschool is a great place to watch them grow! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________